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Our team of licensed insurance adjusters is focused on making sure you receive the payout you deserve. Give us a call today and let’s talk about your property insurance claim. We look forward to getting you more money!

Public Insurance Adjusters At Your Service

If you think you aren’t being treated fairly during your insurance claim process, our team at Warden Public Adjusters would be glad to step in at no upfront cost to you. Our specialty is in getting our clients more money on their insurance claims, and we will fight hard to make sure you’re given the payout that your home or commercial property deserves. Contact us today for a free consultation.

We look forward to helping you fix any loss or damages to your property by getting you more money!


Schedule a consultation

Whether you've already spoken with your insurance company or not, we will take a look at the loss or damages to you property.

Prepare a report

Assuming your commercial, field property, or home insurance claim is eligible for an insurance payout, we will create a report to use on your behalf.

Advocate on your behalf

We will step in between you and your insurance company, and make sure you're treated fairly. We only receive a percentage of the EXTRA money you receive!


We work hard to make sure you are awarded the settlement your property deserves. Total loss or catastrophic damages to your hard-earned property can be difficult to navigate on your own, and extremely complex.

Being a public adjuster requires thorough training and knowledge of both home and business claims. Negotiation skills are also paramount in the pursuit of reaching a beneficial agreement with the insurance company.

Warden Public Adjusters achieves this by:

If you believe your insurance adjuster has missed some important aspects of your loss, or feel that you are being treated unfairly, we recommend asking for the assistance of a public or private adjuster.

At Warden Public Adjusters – Austin, we only take a commission of the EXTRA money you are awarded from your insurance company, meaning that you have nothing to lose. Give us a call today and let’s see if we can get you a better payout on your claim!

Services We Offer

Our expert staff are standing by to help you with a number of services related to insurance claims including”

Public Insurance Adjusters

We take great pride in serving as your advocate throughout this complex process and will fight tirelessly on your behalf until our public adjusters have secured payment of claims from insurers for you. As licensed professionals who only represent policyholders, we work tirelessly on your behalf throughout the claims process.

Construction Estimation with Xactimate

Accurate construction estimation is key when filing insurance claims for property damage, which is why our team utilizes Xactimate, an industry-standard software tool used for construction estimation. With Xactimate's advanced tools and our expertise in using them efficiently, we provide detailed estimates for repairs and restoration work.

Independent Adjuster Services

Following any property damage incident, independent insurance adjusters play an essential role in the claim process. We work as representatives for insurance companies to protect their interests; as experts on policies and claims procedures, we specialize in assessing damage accurately and promptly while working hard on our client claims efficiently and precisely.

Catastrophe Claims Adjusters

When an unexpected catastrophic event such as a natural disaster or significant property damage strikes, insurance claims become even more complex than usual. A catastrophe adjuster is needed in such instances to help make sense of them all and work toward successfully resolving all claims submitted against insurers

When should I hire a public adjuster?

If your payout isn’t enough to cover the cost of repairs to get your property back the way it was before a disaster, then you should definitely consider a PA. Warden only takes a commission off the rise in your claim, which means if we don’t get you more money, you don’t pay us!

Why Choose Us

We Check All The Boxes

We don't take a cut of your original insurance claim payout like some PAs do. If you don't get more money, you don't pay us a dime!

Construction Cost Estimation

Not only will we send our report to your insurance company, we'll tell you what price each contractor should charge for the actual repair. Down to the penny!

Accurate Results

We use our expert knowledge and negotiation skills to make sure the insurance company isn't holding back any funds you need to repair your property.

Fast turnaround

We do all the hard work of gathering reports, communicating with the insurance company, and dealing with the appraiser in each phase of the adjustment.

Why Shouldn't You Just Hire An Attorney?

Attorneys are expensive, require a large upfront investment, and usually end up just hiring a public adjuster anyway. This means you’re paying legal fees for no reason! Our easy process not only theoretically costs you zero money, but it achieves the same result as a fancy attorney!

Contact our local branch to make sure you get the payout you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

It may seem a little bit confusing, but they’re essentially different words for the same thing. Whereas the insurance adjuster works for the insurance company itself and looks after its interests, public insurance adjusters work for you. They make sure you get a fair insurance payout so that you can get back to living your life.

First, an inspection of the damage is performed to determine the severity and areas affected. The cost of the repairs is then calculated using the same software insurance companies use, which is called Xactimate. The cost of lodging or lost property is also included. We then help you gather all receipts, statements, and other documents. This report is then given to your insurance company, and negotiations begin.

There are no hidden costs. The original payout offered by your insurance is subtracted from the additional payout that you receive from our efforts, meaning that you don’t pay a dime if we don’t get you additional money on your claims.

There are two types of license in the state of Texas for this type of work. The first is called an All-Lines Adjuster, and the other is referred to as a P&C Adjuster. This stands for “property and casualty.” The All-Lines is basically for everything, including workers’ comp, whereas a P&C license doesn’t include workers’ comp.

Absolutely not! There’s nothing even remotely illegal about using your own adjuster. In fact, it’s very beneficial to both your free time and financial situation.

Common types of homeowners insurance claim

Hands down, wind and hail are the most common types of claims. This group accounts for nearly half of all homeowners’ insurance claims filed in the USA. After this, fire and lightning are the next two most common, accounting for nearly a quarter of all claims. While this may not seem like much, these are the most expensive of all damage types. Next, we have water damage and freezes.



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